A spokesperson of iNextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd has made an announcement that the company will offer call center solution to the unique businesses. This call center solution is provisioned with innovative features to provide additional array of characteristics and functionalities in the call center software to meet unique business model of the companies.

“Call center solution is a general purpose tool these days. Any business, enterprise and organization can use the call center software. Now, the thing one need to understand is that each business is different than any other business and that is why the need of one business is different than any other business. We wanted to help these businesses with unique needs and business models with the unique call center solution. Today, there are tons of call center solutions in the market and all are almost same. We wanted to benefit the companies with a unique call center software, which fits with their unique needs and that’s why we have developed as such innovative call center solution”, shared spokesperson of iNextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

As per the shared details, the company has developed a business centric call center solution which is furnished with a wide array of features to support different types of calling campaigns in the businesses, including, but not limited to:

• Lead generation
• Sales
• Telemarketing
• Lead conversion
• Technical support
• Customer care
• Formal business development
• Lead nurturing

The company offers two different types of call center solutions to the businesses as listed below:

• Single tenant call center solution
• Multi tenant call center solution

“Small businesses usually need a call center software with limited agent seats and in this case the single tenant call center solution is good enough to meet their needs. On the other hand, the large scaled enterprises and MNCs usually have multiple branch offices of their business and that’s why they need multi tenant call center solution. We have both and based on the need of the business, we offer the call center solution”, shared the spokesperson of the company.

The company has provisioned its call center software with different languages so it can be used in non English speaking countries as well. The company has announced to offer the complete system demo for free to the prospects that show interest in their call center solution.

About iNextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd

It is an IT company based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. The company offers client centric services in different IT sectors such as, web development, mobile application development and VoIP communication solutions. The company also offers innovative unified communication solutions such as, live call monitoring, call accounting system, DID numbering solution and more. The call center software is one of the business centric products of the company which is available as ready to use solution and SaaS based call center service. To know more about this call center solution, please visit https://inextrix.com/solutions/call-center-solution