(11th April 2019) – To provide the best solution to buy fud crypter, Static Crypt is best that people can choose. The company is successfully running in the market since 2015 to provide high-quality crypter fuds.

As per spokesperson of the company, it claims to provide a crypter with 100% fud. It makes RAT undetectable from software with antivirus.

The company provides Static Crypter, which is one of the oldest crypter in the present market. Many purchased it to give positive feedback after using it. The features of Static Crypter are:

1.    FUD startup: Their startup is not detected by antivirus software. It is to ensure the files won’t be deleted at reboot.

2.    Updated: The Company’s fud crypter is updated daily after the first detection.

3.    Ingenious: They use cleverest methods to code the features and refud system.

4.    100% fud crypter: The fud can bypass antivirus at their runtime.

The advantages of using the crypter are many. It includes compatibility, no dependencies, cheap and stability. With its four years of experience, the users can benefit a lot from the fud crypter.

About the Company:
Static Crypt strives to provide the best solution to buy crypter since 2015. They are well experienced and highly knowledgeable to make fud crypter. It provides deferent packages so that customers can test by themselves.

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