12.04.2019 – The most important concern for government officers when looking for a house has always been how it stands in relation to what they get in service. This makes complete sense. Any person would want a domestic setting similar to that he or she has been used to for a major part of their life.

It is with all this in mind that projects like Antriksh Officers Enclave and Diamond Officers Enclave were developed. Hence, it is no surprise that hundreds of officers are showing a concrete interest in these. And, the popularity of Antriksh Group is on the rise. A major reason for this is the word of mouth publicity.

This, however, is not restricted to retired government officers. For officers still in service this remains an equally important concern. For one, they do not want a stark difference between what their job provides them and what they want to buy on their own. Second, even with transfers, their accommodations remain more or less similar everywhere.

On seeing the vision of Diamond Multi State CGHS many government officers looking for a house were all praise. Especially for the amenities that come with the project. Some of these are clubhouse, gymnasium, basketball and tennis court, etc. It must be said that what Delhi Awas Yojana envisions is fully realized in these projects. Affordable and quality housing as per the home buyer’s need.

One could not have thought that developers and individual housing projects would so precisely meet the housing needs and expectations of home buyers. This is exactly what land pooling policy aims to continue. There is a clear understanding on the government’s part of the demand for good housing in the city. And the government can pave the way for this development to continue by making more land available for such projects as result of this policy.

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