Imnanotech Co., Ltd and our R&D lab in 2001 July, we started the first ALN heater Dimple renewable and we have been studying the heaters of the CVD, PVD process until starting in April 2011 We have walked only way and have accumulated know-how and experiences in this field with innovative technologies under the company motto of ‘Human and technologyā€¯. Currently, we are refurbishing and providing major products of Mca, ALN Heaters and Magnet Assy (AMAT).
When you require a magnets producer or complete attractive congregations, you require Imnanotech Industries. For instance, magnet congregations require qualified, profoundly experienced assembling help so as to guarantee their execution and achievement.
We have an extensive stock of surplus parts and 2nd source parts, largely for AMAT, Centura, Endura, HDP Ultima Plus, Novellus, LAM, Mattson, TEL Parts, IMP Parts, etc. This stock changes regularly as we gain excess items from our many equipment refurbishment projects.
In case of all Mca e-chuck, Mca heater, ESC, ALN Heater, Magnet Assy, products used in PVD manufacturing process, we offer a various service of refurbishment that are conducted by our own engineers and in-house. Or if customers ask, we provide new one.
The term ESC is as often as possible utilized as a compression for ‘electronic speed controller. The fundamental capacity of ESC is to change the measure of capacity to the electric engine from the air ship battery dependent on the area of the throttle stick. In prior, speed controllers are for the most part utilized in remote control water crafts and vehicles which utilize a variable resistor with a wiper that was animated by a servo engine. AMAT Ceramic Heater Korea
Current speed controllers differentiate the capacity to the motor by snappy trading the power ON and OFF. Here, Transistor is used as a switch instead of a mechanical contraption, and the entirety at which it is traded is around multiple times each second. Thusly, the capacity to the motor is varying by changing the proportion of ON schedule, against off time in a foreordained cycle. Here is the OLED Esc Wholesale Korea fundamental ESC circuit with waveform layout may help with the portrayal.