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Sparks, NV, 10 April 2019 — MacBack, a company in the US that offers users cash for their used Apple products via their website, has recently launched a new, three step quote system to make it faster and easier for customers to get a cash quote for any Mac products they are considering trading in.

MacBack makes it easy to get a quote for used Mac products. For the first step, the user simply chooses the device he or she would like to trade in for cash back as well as some additional information about the device such as if the original packaging is included and the condition the product is in. The next step will show users the cash quote offered for the device. If the user accepts the quote, the next step is where he or she will fill out personal details and choose the preferred method of payment.

The process is quick and easy for customers who want to get rid of their Mac device because they no longer use it and want to make some extra cash, or if they are looking to upgrade their older Mac products for newer Mac products. The quick cash back process allows customers to send in their used Mac products for a pre-agreed upon amount and receive cash in the form of a PayPal payment or a bank transfer.

MacBack has recently opened up a new 650,000 square foot warehouse for housing all of the high quality used MacBack devices they receive from customers. The new warehouse is located in Nevada and provides more space for MacBack to house Mac devices from customers. When customers send in their devices, their information is removed before the device is sold to another customer. Customer security is of prime importance, and MacBack always handles their devices with customer security in mind.

About MacBack
MacBack has been working with customers for many years to give them a top value cash back quote for their Mac products. They offer cash back to customers for good condition iMacs, iPhones, MacBook Pros, and other Mac products. With a quick, 48-hour turnaround time for payment, MacBack offers customers cash back through PayPal or through a bank transfer.

MacBack handles sensitive customer information by adhering to industry standards of safety and security. Devices that customers send in are wiped of all personal information so that information is never transferable to the new owners. Customers can feel safe and secure sending in their devices.

For more information about the pricing quote system or to get a cash back quote for a Mac product trade-in, please visit .

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