The demand within the global market for automatic tire changer has been escalating due to rising propensities of the masses towards DIY solutions. The need to go the service stations for changing tires has been replaced by the availability of affordable tire changers in the market. People in the transport business and even enthusiasts of automobiles are exhibiting a trend of buying automatic tire changers for their personal use. Hence, it is safe to estimate that the demand within the global market for automatic tire changers would touch greater heights in the years to come.

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The rising number of automobile service stations has also created a regular inflow of demand within the global market for Automatic Tire Changer Market. Furthermore, the manufacturers of automobiles have been promoting certain brands of automatic tire changers, and this has further boosted the prospects of market growth. Stipulations of trademarks that give a seal of credibility to automatic tire changers have also benefitted the global market for automatic tire changers.

On the regional front, the demand for automatic tire changers in North America and Europe has been rising at the back of increased sophistication in the automobile sector of these regions. The market for automatic tire changers in Asia Pacific is also projected to expand in size and volume.

Growing Number of License Holders and Increasing Purchase of Vehicles to Craft Novel Growth Opportunities

Poor road construction in various countries has resulted in continuous episodes of tire punctures and flat tires. Unpredictable tire damage can cause on-road accidents and delay in work. Banking on the growing requirements of the individuals, major automotive manufacturers are narrowing their focus towards equipping their vehicles with robust quality tires. Multiple instances of unpredicted tire punctures, tire damages, and worn out tires has led to the growing need for replacing tires among customers.

According to a recent survey conducted, 16.4% of the global population holds a driving license. With the increased purchase of vehicles across various regions, demand for automatic tire changer will continue to intensify in the automotive industry. Growing need to replace damaged, flattened, and worn out tires has further broadened growth opportunities for the other equipment manufacturers (OEMs) across countries.

Leading Companies to Leverage Innovative G-Frame Technology and Lever-less Tool Heads to Influence Customer Purchase Decision

Exposure to rough road surfaces can lead to unpredictable tire damages and tire punctures. With the growing need to replace the damaged and worn out tires in the vehicles, leading manufacturers are focusing on developing automatic machines that offer convenience to the customers. For instance, a leading French manufacturer, SICAM is diverting their investments towards equipping their vehicles with robust tire quality and leveraging innovative technology such as G-frame technology in the automatic tire changer that offers enhanced stability and optimum force distribution while replacing the tires.

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In addition, a global leader in alignment systems, tire services, and wheels, Hunter Engineering Company is mainly focused towards incorporating innovative designs and features in the automatic tire changing machines. The company is concentrating on developing fully-automatic tire changers that are equipped with powered press arms, lever-less tool head, and space saving wheel lift features. Also, major manufacturers such as Bosch are focusing on developing pneumatic tilting column tire changers that offers maximum speed performance and improved durability.

3D Stereo Camera, Sensor Heads, Hexangular Shaft: Manufacturers to Focus on Broadening Product Line for Quick and Convenient Replacement Services

As changing tires for individuals of various age groups can be comparatively difficult, major automotive manufacturers are concentrating on incorporating intelligent and smart features that offer speed, convenience, and safety to the individuals. For instance, Bosch is directing its investments towards developing a range of automatic tire changers that are equipped with 4 sensor heads, smart link lift features, and 3D stereo cameras. These smart features incorporated in the automatic tire changers enable the end-user industries to accurately, quickly, and conveniently replace automotive tires.

Also, prominent manufacturers such as Precision Testing Machines is concentrating on integrating innovative features in the automatic tire changers such as self-centering four jaw chucks, hexangular shaft, and a powerful bead breaker. With the incorporation of these features in the automatic tire changers, the company is focusing on broadening their product profile to expand their customer base. Through incorporating of intelligent and innovative features, major manufacturers are focusing on improving their position in the competitive market.

Key Companies Focus on Developing Innovative and Novel Product to Improve their Customer Touch Point and Sustain Lead

In order to sustain their lead in the competitive market, prominent manufacturers are concentrating on engaging in product innovation and product launches. For instance, a prominent manufacturer in Italy, FASEP is concentrating on developing super automatic lever-less tire changers in order to offer effective and accurate tire changing solutions. With the incorporation of the lever-less features in the automatic tire changer systems, the company is focusing on offering convenient and quick solution to the end-users.

In addition, a leading manufacturer, Artigilo Master is focusing on incorporating smart Corghi system technology in the automatic tire changers to offer technologically-immersive experience to the end user industries. With the incorporation of smart Corghi system technology, the end users can conveniently demount and mount the automotive tires without coming in contact with the rim. Further, integration of this technology lowers the tire pressure while replacing the damaged tires in the vehicles. Through product innovation and launch leading manufacturers are focusing on expanding their customer touch point and improving their position in the competitive market.

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