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Radar Sports, LLC is a one-stop online shop for the world’s finest brands in speed measuring equipment. The company also offers interactive sports booths for personal entertainment or business marketing.

[OCEANSIDE, 04/09/2019] – Radar Sports, LLC is an ecommerce shop offering a wide variety of speed measuring tools. The company is an authorized dealer of sports radar guns, traffic guns, and police speed guns from well-known brands including Stalker Radar, Sports Radar, Jugs, Pocket Radar, Decatur Electronics, Phantom, Rev Fire, Speedtrac, and Bushnell. The company also offers interactive sports booths, sports inflatables, and other sports-related products.

Interactive Sports Booths

Radar Sports, LLC is a source of several types of interactive sports booths, cages, and inflatables. Their high-quality, branded interactive booths and cages are easy to set-up and can be paired with a radar gun and electronic board to measure and display a participant’s pitch, kick, or shot.

Interactive booths and inflatables are suitable for backyard parties, indoor events, fund-raisers and other special occasions. Some of the interactive booths and inflatables that Radar Sports have in their portfolio of products are the following:

Speed Pitch Cages

Speed Pitch cages are used both for entertainment and training. Products range from baseball, hockey, and soccer cages, used to improve speed and accuracy.

Speed Pitch/Baseball Inflatables

Speed Pitch inflatables are available for baseball fans and even those not familiar with the sport. The company’s baseball inflatables include batter up, tee ball, and mini cages.

Other Interactive Inflatables

Radar Sports offers a selection of sports inflatables, ranging from hockey, football and basketball to soccer, golf, and even foosball.

About Radar Sports, LLC

Radar Sports, LLC is a leading authority in providing speed measuring equipment. The company is committed to providing its customers high-quality radar equipment and interactive booths and inflatables from trusted brands. In addition to speed measuring equipment, the company now also offers custom graphic and print for their customers’ advertising and promotional needs.

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