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While we at support business travel anywhere in the world through our business travel reservations we decided to drive some focus on one of the destinations which may not be perceived as a typical business destination but offers immense business opportunities.

Arizona – known for hosting 2015 super bowl, since then the destination has seen a dramatic increase in business opportunities. The recent set up of business connect initiative has helped local businesses tremendously in being involved in Super bowl and secure their place in market.

But the growth of business opportunities cannot just be awarded to Super bowl in Arizona, there is in fact a huge wealth of business focussed companies, organisations and initiatives in Arizona which is said to be home to Arizona Business Leadership Association. It is a hub of many industries and include a myriad of Fortune 500 companies. Arizona was even named Number 1 State for Entrepreneurial Activity by Fast company in the year 2013 and the number 1 country for immense Growth Prospects by Forbes 2013.

Keeping client meetings in mind, what business travellers should keep in mind is that two of open table’s top 100 restaurants with scenic view in America are actually in Arizona – The Alchemy Restaurant at Copperwynd Resort Fountain Hills and Compass Arizona situated at Hyatt Regency.

These restaurants promise a real wow factor for your client meetings.

In fact, it is not just about business, many business travellers are opting to combine their business travel with leisure by including a trip to Grand Canyon or relaxing at some Golf Sessions. Not many are aware, but Arizona is also the top golf destination in North America and has more than 300 golf courses.

Key facts about Arizona

Arizona has over 6,6 million population spread across an area 294, 315 sq. km. Phoenix is the state capital with English as the official language. There are 12 commercial airports in Arizona.

Phoenix is sixth largest city in US with a population of more than 1.4 million. There are over 37 million people who visit Arizona every year.

Some tips for Business Travellers in Arizona

Tipping at hotels and restaurants is considered voluntary here and approximately 15-20% is considered acceptable for waiters and cab drivers.
If you are heading to Arizona for a business meeting, be prepared to be surprised by weather. While central and Southern Arizona has desert climate, temperature in mountain regions are much cooler.

Majority of business clients visit Phoenix, a trip to Arizona is both profitable as well as affordable for business.

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