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Vindaloo VoIP Solutions Pvt. Ltd is one of the renowned IT companies which offer innovative solutions and services. The company has made an announcement to offer the Mobile SIP dialer application to its customers. The mobile SIP dialer is also known as the VoIP mobile dialer.
The VoIP mobile dialer is a mobile application which can be used with any Android and Apple devices for communication. The VoIP mobile dialer uses various SIP protocols to conduct calls. Thus, it is also known as the mobile SIP dialer solution.
“We have an expert team of mobile application developers who can develop any type of mobile app with custom features. At the same time, we also have a team of expert VoIP developer and support engineers who know the nitty gritty of VoIP solutions and SIP based communication. Our mobile app development and VoIP solution development experts worked together to build the most secure VoIP mobile dialer application. It can be used by all businesses to gain communication and cost related benefits”, shared spokesperson of Vindaloo VoIP Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
As per the shared details, the customers that want to get the VoIP mobile dialer app can choose the features they would like to have from the available list of features. Some of the key features are listed below:
• Quick registration
• Voice calling
• Video calling
• Call timer
• Call forwarding
• Call transfer
• Call parking
• Call retrieval
• Sharing of files
• Call history
• Last call redial
• And more
The company will also provide an additional feature of integration of the VoIP mobile dialer app with the phone book of the mobile. It means the user can use the stored contacts on his / her mobile phone within the mobile SIP dialer app.
The offered VoIP mobile dialer app of the company will support all different types of codecs such as, G722, G711, G729, GSM, AMR, Speex, iLBC, etc. Support for all these codecs by the mobile SIP dialer makes sure that any VoIP service provider can use this mobile app as well as any business can take benefit of this VoIP based communication app.
The spokesperson of the company also announced to offer calling card support and integrated billing in this VoIP mobile dialer app to provide business model support to the VoIP service providers who want to use this app for their businesses.