When you prepare a cruise, there is an important question to ask yourself: choose yacht charter or sailboat rental? Advantages, etc., here we give you all the details so that you can make your best decision for Greek island cruises.

The criteria of choice between a sailboat and a catamaran:

• Stability: Preference for the catamaran. With its two floats, it is naturally more stable.

• Performance: Stylized, the sailboat is usually sportier than the catamaran.

• Cost: in general, the sailboat is more convenient for small budgets.

• Comfort: the catamaran offers wider spaces, both in the lounge and in the cabins.

The advantages of catamaran rental:

• Comfortable stability: with its two hulls, the boat does not move or lean like sailboats, thus ensuring perfect stability.

• A large central hall: opposite a sailboat, the catamaran has a room where you can share your best meals with your family and/or friends.

• Spacious cabins: the catamaran offers you great spaces, especially in the cabins. In addition, the main cabins are usually isolated from the cabins for children.

• Accommodation capacity: you can invite the whole family and children for an unforgettable cruise. It is no longer necessary to leave the uncle or aunt in the port.

• Trampoline: It is obvious to find the best place to take advantage of the sun. With a catamaran, a large trampoline is in front of the boat and allows the family to tan together. Just do not forget the sun protection cream

The advantages of sailboat rental:

• A very sporting behavior: the opposite of a catamaran, the sailboat is usually faster.

• Easier to find a place in the port: the sailboat is less bulky and easier to moor.

• Cheaper than a catamaran: less imposing and faster, the sailboat is usually less expensive.

How to find a good catamaran or sailboat rental for your vacation?

You will find in Click & Boat, many catamarans for rent and lots of sailboats in all the destinations, each one more incredible than the other.

Choose a yacht charter Mykonos according to your navigation plan and the number of people with whom you want to sail so that you feel comfortable on the boat.

For a relaxing vacation, rent a catamaran with the captain. More than half of our catamarans are rented with the skipper. Relax; your captain will take care of everything.

If you are not sure which boats are suitable for Bareboat yacht rentals, do not worry. Come and visit our site and contact to our representative at all4yachtcharter.com. We would like to help you!