8 April 2019 – Ahmad Azam has created a comprehensive guide on how to start your email marketing campaign to promote your products or services.

In the modern day’s almost everyone is using the services that come with the Internet. One of it is an email, which is indispensable if you want to create accounts on various webpages, or if you want to communicate and send various files seamlessly to people from all over the world. Emails are actually one of the first uses of the world wide web, although in the beginning, just a few people could create one. Today, emails are a great opportunity for business to communicate users about the new products or services they provide. Although there are many methods of marketing, email marketing is one of the most effective. Many people spend on their email webpage many hours during a week, because their work is related to that. Furthermore, most will set push notifications on their phone, so that when they get a new email, the phone will vibrate or make a sound to inform the owner of a new message. You can make money from home if you learn the basics of email marketing.

Ahmad Azam, who is an expert on market affiliation programs has created an in-depth email marketing tutorial to allow people who want to enter this business to learn more about it. In the video he explains step by step what you have to do to configure your program, so that you can start sending emails to potential clients. Email marketing may sound simple, but in practice can get quite complicating, if you are not setting the software correctly from the start. That is why Ahmad Azam will go slowly and explain each step that you must do. First, you will need to get a list of emails to which you want to send the message. The list must be taken from a trustworthy source, otherwise you can risk sending the promotional material to a spam trap address, and the email provider will block any message you send. In the email marketing tutorial, you will also learn how to set auto reply to any client.

To learn more, go to Azam’s YouTube profile, and invest a short time in one of the most real opportunity to make money from home.

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Ahmad Azam is an expert in internet affiliate who has helped thousands of affiliates to start their business.


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