Sydney, Australia, April, 2019 – eWelders, a leading welder supplier is launching a new initiative titled “Build Your Own Bundle” on their website. This initiative allows buyers to make a custom bundle of different welding equipment according to the individual buyer’s unique requirements.

eWelders is a provider of top quality welding machines & tools all over Australia. They operate their business online to eliminate the trouble of visiting physical shops for purchasing. This month they are launching a service named “Build Your Own Bundle” on the website. Generally, the customer purchases pre-configured bundle deals to save money but, it may not meet their unique requirements. Sometimes the bundles don’t carry every piece of welding equipment or tool according to the customer’s requirements. This new functionality allows customers to add exactly the items they want to complete their bundle. The “Build Your Own Bundle” functionality simply allows customers to freely add the required items and they comes with an extra discount as compared to their normal sale price on the site.

Generally, everyone faces a common issue during the purchase of welding equipment that is, they can’t get the bundle which holds only the items they need. Every bundle stocks a different combination of equipment and tools. Now it’s time to save more on these welder bundles at eWelders. This month the company is introducing a new feature called “Build Your Own Bundle”. The initiative eliminates such issues and provides a free hand to customers to add the required tools & equipment and build their own custom bundle. The service offers incredible benefits to the customers, as they get the desired welding tools & equipment by adding it to the bundle and as a bonus, the extra added products come at a discount to their normal sale price compared to purchasing separately.

eWelders is one Australia’s leading online welding shops. The company is dedicated to providing the best in quality welding machines, cutting machines & other welding products including safety equipment. The company deals only in the best products supplied by the best Australian manufacturers & distributors. Every product on the website comes with a warranty and is deliverable throughout Australia.

If you are seeking to buy some best quality welder with strong warranties or you might want any guidance, visit eWelders or else you are free to call on 1300 554 685.

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eWelders is an Australia’s leading online welding shop, selling a complete range of welding machines, cutting machines, safety equipment & accessories at competitive prices. The company provides the best quality welding equipment throughout the Australia.

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