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Chillwell Refrigeration is offering quality installation and maintenance of commercial refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment including walk-in cool rooms, ice machines, air dryers, process coolers, ice banks, server rooms, vacuum chillers, bespoke cooling solutions for your custom projects and much more.

Our professionals are fully trained in both refrigeration and air-conditioning, which implies our clients save time, money and a whole lot of hassle. We are offering the latest heat pump and air conditioning solutions that are energy efficient, effective, and helpful for your business.

We give friendly and experienced advice to assist you in making the right choice for the Heat Pump/Air Conditioning system to match your unique commercial requirements. Our clients get the superb combination of the best people, advance training, updated technologies and years of experience and industry knowledge.
At Chillwell Refrigeration, you will get superior design, installation, maintenance and repair for both commercial refrigeration and commercial air-conditioning requirements. Our cost-effective support package includes power usage assessments, preventative fault diagnosis and repair, system monitoring and air-conditioning refurbishment.

We comprehend and comply with essential services in mechanical services maintenance electric duct heaters, air filter and air intake requirements. We provide environmentally friendly cost-efficient solutions for your air-conditioning requirements whilst meeting design performance standards.

A standout amongst the most noticeably awful things that can happen to your business is to have your air conditioning go out absolutely at an inconvenient moment. A problematic air conditioning unit can mean lost business and lost profits as clients search for some place more agreeable to work together.

Having routine maintenance performed can help get any minor issues that might make your unit to run less efficiently before they have a chance to form into something that could potentially disturb your whole system. Having small issues addressed now can wind up saving you a lot in terms of repairs or replacement costs over the long run.
Air Conditioning in Christchurch enhances you system’s lifespan and help keep your system running as effectively as possible for whatever length of time that possible.

At Chillwell, we provide commercial and industrial air-conditioning solutions across a diverse range of industries, with the core of our business being retail outlets, shopping centers, hotels, nursing homes and petrol stations.

About the Company:
A reliable commercial refrigeration and air conditioning service provider, Chillwell Refrigeration is offering quality installation, service and maintenance. Professional and flexible, our team responds quickly and creatively to your specific needs with cost-effective, environment friendly commercial refrigeration and air-conditioning solutions.

Contact details:
Address: Chillwell Refrigeration
159 Sparks Road HoonHay
Phone no: 033386869