This harvest season is special to all of the best Napa valley wineries. It is always a breathtaking celebration of the earth, but this time, it’s also an anniversary. It’s been 70 years since our family moved to the Napa Valley, and 65 years since we committed our lives to these vines as an effort to stay above the best Napa valley wineries. This year, and this harvest, we feel a little more magic than usual.

This long-anticipated tempo of harvest will continue for weeks, without missing a beat. The red grapes like our Cabernet and Malbec will remain on the vine and only the best wineries in Napa know this fact, taking their time to ripen, and harvest may continue on into November.

Although it doesn’t last very long in respect to the growing season, harvest is a ritual that never runs short on celebration. In between the days of feasts, empty bottles, and dancing feet, a spell of science and craft becomes one among the best wineries in Napa. It’s a perfect timing between the nature of the grapes, the power of the elements, and the intuition of the winemaker.

In 1959, we saw the manifestation of our chased-down dream, and our first wines were released. A lot of time, filled with long hours of growing and harvesting and winemaking, has passed since then, but laying eyes on the first riches retrieved from the vineyard is always like the first time we offered best wine tasting in Napa. Two things have held strong and true these past 70 years.

One, there is no experience as humbling as reaping what the earth has grown for you. And two, the pursuit of this life was worth everything and compares to nothing. We would continue to offer best wine tasting in Napa and serve the community till our last breath.

About Corely Family Winery:
We are very proud to be a family owned and managed winery. Our father, Jay Corley, came to Napa Valley in 1969 finding land to plant an estate vineyard. We are a small winery producing approximately 15,000 cases of wine annually designated MONTICELLO VINEYARDS and CORLEY.

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