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ABU DHABI, UAE (April 05, 2019)- Khaled Al Badie is playing a pivotal role in the upliftment of the private sector of the region. Owing to his progressive vision and unmitigated support of the participation of women in the trade and industry, Khaled Al Badie has managed to transform the industry into its current unified face. Moreover, his illustrious career in the financial industry has enabled him to build an unparalleled network, garnering a reputation amongst the decision makers of the trade and the industry of the region. In addition to this, he has been a regular at the meetings of board of directors of various establishments, institutions as well as companies at national as well as international levels and has been a board member for a very long time as well.

His unmitigated skills of negotiation, ability to estimate his competitors’ moves and gauging their success render him to be one of the most successful professionals in the private sector. In addition to this, his vision pushes him to support the impending membership of the UAE of World Free Trading Agreement (FTA). His avid interest in finance also makes him monitor the latest developments and trends in the FTA. He aims to mentor people to broaden their horizons by learning through the developed markets. Khaled Al Badie of Al Badie Group has always maintained the importance of the private sector in the development of the country and its economy and aims to promote the same by tapping the enormous potential that it poses.

Khaled Al Badie is enhancing the private sector of the region through sheer hard work and unanimous participation. His wide network and vision have enabled him to make a massive difference in the trade and the industry.

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