GetSavvi Health has always tried to make quality healthcare available to every person living in South Africa. Aiming to become the leader in the primary healthcare sector, GetSavvi offers various health insurance plans. These plans are package in such a way that the consumers can avail the best medical facilities at affordable rates.

To ensure that every hard-working South African has access to proper treatment and healthcare, GetSavvi offers three health insurance plans – Primary Care Plan, Primary Care Plan+ and the Get Care Plan. The two former plans are focused on providing day-to-day medical benefits to the insured and their family. The Get Care Plan is a hospital benefits plan that is curated to help the insured in medical emergencies.

Get Care Plan – Providing Emergency Hospital Benefits
GetSavvi Health has introduced the Get Care Plan to facilitate the insured in times of a medical emergency. The hospital plan ensures that the members get the necessary hospital care during an emergency, without having to bear the burden of high hospital costs.

The Get Care Plan by GetSavvi Health is priced at R250 per family, per month only. It offers the following medical benefits:

  • If one is injured in an accident, the Get Care Plan covers the cost of outpatient treatment. The amount covered in limited to R6,350 per person, per annum.
  • GetSavvi Health’s Hospital Plan covers the costs of inpatient treatment in an emergency, for both private and public hospitals. The cover is limited to R10,500 per person, per annum.
  • When the insured person meets with an accident, the Get Care Plan covers the costs of hospital treatment and the costs of additional services needed. The costs covered are limited to R120,000 per person, per annum.

Additional Benefits
All plans offered by GetSavvi Health, including the Get Care Plan, offer some value-added benefits apart from the main insurance benefits. These include:

  • Counselling – Members of GetSavvi Health can avail counselling for Trauma, HIV and Assault by experts. This program is available to the members around the clock, on all days.
  • Funeral Plan – All plans offered by GetSavvi Health feature a family funeral plan where the insured will not have to deal with the costs of a family member’s funeral. The funeral plan offered by GetSavvi covers the entire family.
  • Emergency Helpline
  • Health Advisor available 24/7.

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GetSavvi Health is a renowned Healthcare provider in South Africa. The company offers various Health Insurance plans with the aim of making private healthcare available to all.

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