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In auto body shops, car lifts play an essential role in ensuring quality repair work. As such, a car lift must be sturdy and dependable. At JMC Equipment, auto body shop owners have a choice of car lifts from several reputable brands.

[DELAWARE, 04/05/2019] – When it comes to auto body and repair shops, the right equipment is essential to getting the job done efficiently and safely. Car lifts are no exception. They may even be considered the most important tool in auto body shops.

These steel frameworks that allow mechanics to lift vehicles off the ground must be heavy-duty to support the weight of an entire vehicle. Auto body shop operators pick from a range of trusty car lifts from JMC Equipment. The company carries car lifts from numerous established brands, so there is a suitable type of lift that fits every mechanic’s needs.

A More Efficient Auto Repair Shop with the Right Car Lift

Safety and efficiency are crucial in operating a successful auto body repair shop. Every car lift from JMC Equipment demonstrates those qualities. Plus, the Delaware-based automotive equipment distributor understands the types of car lifts that repair shops require, so they carry various brands and models.

Among the car lifts that clients can find at JMC Equipment’s website are the PKS Lifts Heavy Duty mobile car lifts and scissors that can carry from 24,000 to 180,000 lbs., the Ranger 1,100-lb capacity motorcycle lift, and the company’s very own JMC Two-Post and Four-Post Lifts.

On top of hundreds of vehicle lifts and rolling jacks, the auto equipment store also carries car lift accessories, including BendPak Adapter Pads for two-post lifts, plastic drip tray sets, and Tuxedo Steel Ramps. With lift accessories from these reputable brands, car lift operations in auto repair shops become even safer and more efficient.

JMC Equipment’s vigilance in quality control ensures that the car lifts and accessories that they carry have undergone—and have passed—detailed inspections. As such, clients put their trust in the company.

About JMC Equipment

JMC Equipment is a family-owned business based in Dover, Delaware. Founded in 2013, its goal is to always provide automotive tools and equipment of the finest caliber at affordable prices.

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