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First Step Publishing: The only self-publisher in India to have an Author Sales Dashboard

First Step Publishing has recently launched an Author Dashboard. Wherein the authors can directly check their monthly sales and royalty due to them. Thus living upto their core value of transparency.

First Step Publishing has recently come up with an author dashboard where-in the author’s published by First Step Publishing can check the number of books sold just not only in India but globally. This marks a phase of transparency in Author-Publisher relationship.

“Self-Publishing” in India has a different market altogether. There are many writers who are duped by publishing sharks. This is one of the primary reasons why Rohit Shetty founded First Step Publishing as he was cheated by one such vanity publishers in 2010. First Step Publishing, having published over 200 writers from 8 countries, had repeated requests from writers to have an author dashboard wherein authors can check the number of sales of the books and the royalty due to them. First Step Publishing took this request seriously and now has setup this author dashboard. The dashboard is live and authors have to follow a simple signup process. Rohit Shetty, the Founder of First Step Publishing quoted, “As of now the dashboard will be updated manually on a daily basis but soon it will be automated with live sales tracking. This will help our authors to have a clear and transparent picture about the sales of the books and royalty due.”