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Often, pedestrians are at the mercy of drivers on the road. When a driver is reckless, they may cause harm to pedestrians. LA Car Accident Lawyers provides assistance for pedestrian victims of vehicular accidents.

[California, 4/5/2019] – In 2018, pedestrian fatalities reached a 28-year high. According to the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), there were an estimated 6,277 pedestrian fatalities last year, 250 more than in 2017. The GHSA reports that pedestrian fatalities in the U.S. have increased a total of 41 percent since 2008 and now account for 16 percent of all traffic-related fatalities.

The growing number of Americans using larger vehicles, such as pickup trucks and SUVs, as well as drivers and pedestrians being distracted by their smartphones, result in the higher likelihood of fatal or life-threatening injuries.

As the number of pedestrian victims grows, there’s also a need for rightful representation and compensation. LA Car Accident Lawyers can provide this assistance, and more, for the benefit of pedestrians.

The Value of an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney for Pedestrians
In the state of California, the law applies the concept of pure comparative negligence to determine who is at fault and liable in road accidents involving pedestrians. This legal principle allows pedestrians to file for a personal injury claim and get compensation even if they are partly at fault for the accident.

An experienced personal injury lawyer from LA Car Accident Lawyers ensures that a pedestrian road mishap victim’s rights and best interests are upheld and protected. Attorneys from the firm use their resources to gather evidence and information that help in determining who’s responsible for the accident. If the case is brought to court, their guidance and litigation skills are valuable to pedestrian clients.

With the help of LA Car Accident Lawyers, personal injury victims can focus on healing. The experienced attorneys from the firm will do the rest, working tirelessly to ensure that their clients get the financial settlement they deserve.

About LA Car Accident Lawyers

A team composed of dedicated litigators, LA Car Accident Lawyers work to protect the rights of motorists and pedestrians in Los Angeles. The firm believes that everyone should be compensated for the damages caused by someone else’s negligence and the lawyers work tirelessly to achieve that.
Through competent and honest representation, the firm has helped hundreds of clients get the result they deserve.

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