(April 05, 2019) – Engineer, Ph.D. and CFA Dr. Yaseen AlKamas is the Chief operating Officer of one of the leading Emirati corporate firms, the Al Badie Group. This vital role requires Dr. Yaseen to oversee the responsibility of handling the regular operations of the group and convey precise reports to the CEO of the group, Mr. Khaled Al Badie on time with whom he shares an extremely cordial relationship. He efficiently carries out dual-natured duties as the COO of the group which includes liaising with the CEO, corporate parties, the CFO, IT department, HR director, legal counsels, subsidiaries GMs and also head of the departments and taking part in nearly all the business programs and strategies.

Dr. Yaseen AlKamas‘ participation in arranging all the organization’s projects and sorting out, working and executing its business methodologies has made him the pioneer and chief of a comprehensive array of the company’s business accounts which includes services and benefit creating programs. Since Dr. Yaseen is responsible for ensuring that the corporate set objectives are accomplished and upheld by the organization’s policies, he consistently creates and updates all related programs profiting from his wide and profound learning of the field.

Dr. Yaseen has been successfully working in Al Badie Group from March 2005 to this date and apart from being the COO of the group, he holds various other vital positions as well. He is the senior advisor to the President of the group, member of the Group Investment and Group Owners Committee and board member on a number of subsidiaries of the company.

About Dr. Yaseen AlKamas
Dr. Yaseen AlKamas is one of the most prominent figures of the multi-billion dollar firm Al Badie Group. He performs a number of duties as the COO of the group and also holds various other vital positions at the company as well.

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