(4th April 2019) – UniRef is a global humanitarian organization that is primarily devoted to making higher education reach the refugees. The organization on 19th May 2018 had sent a letter of appreciation personally to Dr. Yaseen Al Kamas. This letter was sent by Evelyn Wood, who is the president of UniRef.  

Through the letter, it was declared that Dr. Al Kamas, who is a renowned name in the business arena and also the COO of Emirati Corporation Al Badie Group, has finally acknowledged being part the Swiss organization. It means he becomes a member of their Steering Committee as well, which is the branch of UniRef for dialogue and steering regarding the ultimate aim of the organization.    

Being a member of the committee, Dr. Al Kamas will put his efforts banking on his years of experience with the other members, for higher education, tradition, and multi tradition experience, on behalf of the Swiss Organisation. It is here to note that Dr. Yaseen has earlier secretly made collaboration with UniRef during the recent project of the group about introducing a University Education Program for refugees in the Emirati-Jordanian camp in Jordan.

About The Person:
Dr. Al Kamas is a hugely renowned business professional, who is a CAF holder, as well as having engineering and many other degrees. He is known for his incredible work in investment management.

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Media Contact:
Name: Dr. Yaseen Al Kamas
Date of Birth: 27 December 1964
Category: Financial