Ontario, April 04, 2019 – Designotech, the leading providers of multi disciplinary services in the world technology and IT, has been recently applauded at a global scale for their improving and innovating their approach towards maximising extensiveness and all inclusiveness of their engineering solutions. The company currently offers an unmatched blend of engineering and project management solutions that has won the faith of hundreds of esteemed clients across the world.

Engineering services of Designotech is highly relevant to an array of industries including automotive and aerospace, industrial machinery and equipments, medical equipments and many more. The service scope is also all-embracing and includes mechanical engineering, reverse engineering, prototype development, CAD / CAM, technical publications and everything else that is relevant to the respective industries.

With head quarters in Canada, Designotech is currently one of the best known one stop hub for all technical services be it IT services, web design, software reselling, graphics design or engineering software re selling. Following its popularity and ever rising demand, Designotech has launched a number of off shore design centres in Europe and India as well.

About Designotech
Designotech is one of the most reputed providers of engineering and IT services and is based on Ontario, Canada. The company caters to almost all relevant industries and offers an array of unmatched services including CAD, Design engineering, prototype development, design engineering, technical publications and more.

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