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ConductExam online exam software provides multiple examination platforms like web based exam software, computer based offline test software, online exam application which offer the advanced functionality to upgrade the examination system for school/colleges and also for campus recruitment professional courses, government recruitment, scholarship/sponsorship exam and so forth.

Recently, ConductExam has launched a new functionality in an online exam software system. It is now easy to offers to create and sell question banks/question series by conduct exam online exam software.

ConductExam online exam software has a lot of incredible new highlights intended to give clients more noteworthy satisfaction for clients while creating and selling question banks/question series. The exam software has secure payment installment with the goal that the clients can increase their financial increment by selling their question series and courses on the web using the examination system.

ConductExam provides you with easy exam platform to create and Sell Question banks/Question series. Utilize it to make the question series or clients can also upload their own question bank with pictures, pdf and to set up a question bank, the client also set time and date.

The client can send a test link by email to the each examine and directly access the test to users in the user’s groups. The group users will have the individual login id and passwords to access the test. As it is, the client can assign your tests to the candidates.

Set the price packages of the question series and sell online. Create a seller account in ConducteExam software & set a price package for courses or question bank. This exam software includes payment integration gateway like PayU, PayUMoney, and CCAvenue to sell question banks /question series.

Also, the client can provide the payment receipt of question series to the students after the completion of the test.

If anyone wants to create and sell question banks/question series by conduct exam online exam software. Log on to to check new updates and many more about ConductExam software.