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IT Governance is an England-based company that does ISO-27001 Cyber Security certifications. American Patriot Daryl Guberman gives proof in a shocking new YouTube video of the company’s ties to China and Iran, along with the lack of quality of their certifications issued.

New York, NY (USA), April 3, 2019 — Daryl Guberman of Guberman-PMC, an authority on ISO and quality related issues, and proud American patriot has been on a successful campaign to increase awareness of the dangerous influence held by the Chinese national-led, ISO certification associations the IAF and ANAB, both of whom have many terrorist-sponsoring nations like Iran as members. The latest company to be exposed for working with these potentially dangerous forces is the United Kingdom’s IT Governance. Guberman has released a new information-packed video titled “The Shot Heard Around The ISO World: Patriots Destroy Britain’s IT Governance” ( where he reveals how IT Governance’s association with IAF/ANAB is dangerous to their clients, their country, and to whoever works with them internationally. IT Governance has responded with underhanded attempts to silence Guberman, through placing complaints about his video series, and attempts to bury the expose’s visibility with things like fake blog posts and other “black hat” internet tactics.

“It’s very disturbing to see how many companies will turn a blind eye and work within an association that not only includes terrorist sponsors like Iran and Pakistan, but is led by a Chinese-national, and is clearly influenced by Moscow,” commented Guberman. “Here at Guberman-PMC we are sharing the facts about the type of relationships a company like IT Governance is operating with, hopefully letting their potential clients or current clients know that turning to them for something like ISO-27001 Cyber Security certification is quite reckless.”

With China having a law that every Chinese national who works for a foreign company needs to register their employment and position with the Chinese government, Guberman points to how this makes the IAF, ANAB, and IT Governance all very suspicious in their behavior and intent when it comes to quality certifications. Especially when it comes to an area like cybersecurity, where there is zero doubt China has led the vast majority of major state-sponsored cyber hacking campaigns, often against American targets, in the last decade.

For anyone working in an industry that requires ISO certifications Guberman’s videos on the subject are invaluable, with the new “Shot Heard Around the ISO World” being one of his hardest hitting yet. They also provide more than a look at the serious problems that exist in this space, but present a winning solution, like getting a well-established company owned and operated by American patriots like Guberman-PMC to handle any ISO quality needs.

For more information be sure to visit and watch the new video here –

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