Are you in need of a modern and sophisticated means of carrying out a variety of administrative activities with ease? Look into the iSociety Manager – an application that will transform the way you carry out complex administration forever. With it, you can always stay on top of whatever has to be done inside the apartment complex, enabling a variety of tasks to be carried out according to schedule.

A Look at Its Administrative Features

The iSociety Manager is capable of efficiently managing accounts. Through it, you can record full accounting activities in minutes. It is capable of carrying out bill creation, dispersal and collection activities with ease. Likewise, no matter how huge the number of alerts and messages that have to be sent, they can be done in minutes through this application, which has simple and easy-to-use features. You can also call it a sophisticated inventory management system as it can be sued to keep track of various items stock levels which are required for maintenance and upkeep activities.

The software works as an effective security management system wherein it keeps track of people and vehicles that enter the complex so that only those authorized to come inside are allowed. Likewise, you will find it a brilliant Maid Attendance App whereby attendance of maids coming inside is recorded by it when they swipe their smart cards. By automating this task, the software ensures accurate attendance capture and also keeps note of the identity of maids who enter the complex and the residences in which they work. As a visitor plus maid management app, it ensures that only authorized vehicles and people come inside the gate, thus providing the safety of residents at all times.
Implement the iSociety Manager right away to change the way you manage apartment complex administration and carry out complex, day to day activities fast, accurately and with lower cost.
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