Jennings Morton Friel Associates assists candidates in finding a job in accounting with its diverse set of partner businesses.

[BECKENHAM, 04/04/2019] – The company’s clients range from small and midsize businesses to large accounting brands. It also works closely with its partners to make sure the candidates fit well in their positions. London-based recruitment consultancy firm Jennings Morton Friel Associates helps candidates find a rewarding career in accounting. The company recruits both permanent and temporary talent for businesses in Kent, Surrey, and Central London. Demand continued to be high for qualified accountants towards the end of 2018, according to the company’s own 2018/19 Salary Guide.

Here’s how Jennings Morton Friel Associates assists in satisfying that demand.

Earnings in the Numbers

The company provides quality insights into the job market. Its salary guide tabulated the average earnings of accountants and other finance professionals in London, Kent, and Surrey areas. The survey found that newly qualified accountants with Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, or Association of Chartered Accountants certification may earn £42 to 50 thousand in 2019. More tenured accountants with these qualifications may earn upwards of £60 thousand as well. This is more than the Office of National Statistics’ estimate of £39 thousand annual full-time gross pay for chartered and certified accountants in April 2018. Jennings Morton Friel Associates makes sure that candidates are connected with leading employers, so they get the rewarding career they deserve.

Diverse Candidates and Companies

Jennings Morton Friel Associates makes finding a job for accounting professionals easier, as its expert team takes a personal approach to recruitment. They take time to understand the candidate’s aspirations, goals and skills. The company then assigns these candidates to their diverse set of partner businesses — from startups to large corporations.

Apart from building good relationships with its candidates, Jennings Morton Friel Associates is also keen on helping their partner companies find the right match. The company customises its approach to hiring according to a business’ needs and objectives. It has maintained long-term relationships with its partners across London and its surrounding counties.

When it comes to finding a permanent or temporary position in a reputable company, Jennings Morton Friel Associates is always ready to lend a hand for candidates.

About Jennings Morton Friel Associates

Jennings Morton Friel Associates recruits both permanent and temporary talents for companies in Surrey, Kent and Central London. It helps in getting candidates from junior to executive level. Their team of experts is also well-versed in job market insights to help with job hunting for candidates and recruitment for companies.

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