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Women in India are more susceptible to diabetes and diagnosis at later stages leads to insulin dependency. Out of the 20 crore women living with type 2 diabetes worldwide, more than half of them are from Indian origin. The reason lays in the fact that lack of regular health checkups lead to delay in intervention, hence making diabetes the 9th leading cause of death among women.

Keeping the rising trend among women, WHO has set this year’s theme for women – ‘Women and diabetes – our right to a healthy future’ meant to promote diabetes care, prevention and cure.

“Women with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus are 10 times more likely to have heart ailments. Early intervention of diabetes can help prevent further complications related to diabetes. It is advisable for all to have regular health checkups especially those having family history of such diseases. As most of the diabetic women get to know that they are diabetic only after the symptoms are visible, early diagnosis can help control damage and complications” said CA (Dr) Ruchi Gupta, Founder and CEO, 3hcare

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