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4th April 2019 – Dr. Yaseen Al Kamas was born on 27th December, in 1964. He is one of the globally most renowned finance experts at present. Being a CAF holder, Mr. AlKamas holds huge experience of more than 23 years in the development and execution of trading strategies. His expertise is said to be his ability to handling a wide variety of challenging projects, and he has dealt many of such throughout his whole career.

Having special attention on the experience gained of many years in the UAE and around the Gulf, and powered by the same experience, Dr. Yaseen inter-cultural business experience has turned him as the most appropriate person to effectively select, incorporate and apply a range of traditions and attempts to business.

He has witnessed much incredible success in life through strategic professional planning, perfect investment analysis, maturity in decision making and execution. Coming to his educational background, Mr. AlKamas is a CFA Charter Holder, has done D. Mechanical Engineering, University of Baghdad 1998-2003, Strategic Studies Dipl., Executives Course N.D. Univ., Washington DC, 2004, Sc. Eng. (honors) in Aeronautical Engineering, University of Manchester, UK, 1987.

About The Person:
Dr. Yasin AlKamas is a globally renowned name in the business arena holding expertise in financial management, Investment Analysis & Investment Management, Projects Finance Management, Project Development and Project Management, and many others.

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Media Contact:
Name: Dr. Yaseen Al Kamas
Date of Birth: 27 December 1964
Category: Financial