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4th April 2019 – As per the letter delivered on 19th May 2018, which was a letter of appreciation to Dr. Yaseen Al Kamas, it was about providing higher education for the refugees. The letter was delivered by Mrs. Evelyne Wood, the President of UniRef, personally to Dr. Yaseen AlKamas.

Through this letter, it was also declared that Dr. AL Kamas had accepted the request of joining the team of the Swiss organization and be part of their Steering Committee. This statement has been made clear by Uniref’s organ of dialogue and Steering based on the growth of the mission of the organization.    

This acceptance by Dr. Yaseen AlKamas is a clear indication of the fact that he is going to put his efforts with the other six members of the committee and work towards the facilities of advanced education. At the same time, he will also be working on providing greater career and multicultural experience in helping the Swiss Organization on their journey in the Middle East.

About The Person:
Yaseen Al Kamas holds massive experience of more than 23 years in the corporate world. He is known for his expertise in managing baffling projects. Specifically, the CFA holder is known for his inter-cultural business experience. He holds expertise in financial management, project financial management, project development, and management, including investment management.

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Media Contact:
Name: Dr. Yaseen Al Kamas
Date of Birth: 27 December 1964
Category: Financial