The team at ARBA Retail Systems is pleased to announce the launch of their new online ordering app that gives both customers and employees the ability to place a food order from anywhere on any device. This online ordering app is easy to use and provides product images that are bright and vivid to allow orderers to find their selection easily.

ARBA Retail Systems’ newly launched online food ordering app is integrated with their client’s back office. This means changing menu options, providing for delivery or pick-up options and allowing employees to order meals, while simultaneously keeping track of their spending limit and loyalty rewards can easily be managed without issue or need to access other applications or software.

The ARBA Retail Systems online food ordering app also makes transaction times quicker and more efficient. This application provides kitchen staff with all the information needed to get orders together quickly, while also keeping track of both customer and employee ordering history. This history makes future ordering easier and the implementation of royalty programs simpler for all those involved.

For more information on the new online food ordering menu designed by ARBA Retail Systems, visit their website or call 866-889-3093.

About ARBA Retail Systems: ARBA Retail Systems was founded in 1984 in the Chicago Metropolitan area. They are dedicated to serving their clients with the most innovative solutions to increase revenue and employee satisfaction.

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