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ARBA Retail Systems is pleased to announce the addition of self-service kiosk options into their POS management solutions. These kiosks provide customers and employees the ability to place orders faster and often avoid long lines in cafeteria and restaurant settings.

ARBA Retail Systems keeps both customer and employee satisfaction in mind when developing their POS solutions. These self-service kiosks can make life easier for all involved by providing customers with the ability to order their meals without hassles or long lines. The easy debit and credit card payment options allow for a completely cashless transaction. For employees, companies can provide meal spending limits and easily monitor employee transactions. Employees can choose to pay through their spending limit or use payroll options to make their meal times quick and efficient.

Self-service kiosks have proven to be quite beneficial to companies, employees and customers alike. ARBA Retail Systems is pleased to bring these benefits to their clients. Self-service kiosks improve efficiency, increase revenue by 20 percent, improve customer and employee satisfaction and reduce lines during busy lunch hours. Businesses that implement these kiosks are reaping the benefits and enjoying the rise in satisfaction across the board.

For more information on the self service kiosk options provided by ARBA Retail Systems, visit their website or call 866-889-3093.

About ARBA Retail Systems: ARBA Retail Systems was founded in 1984 in the Chicago Metropolitan area. They are dedicated to providing their clients with the most innovative solutions to increase revenue and employee satisfaction.

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