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The following press release is written to provide information about the Sinoglow organization. You may contact them for purchasing the best glowsticks for various applications.

It’s true that the past four to fives generations of humans have witnessed lots many inventions, which have been proven as boons in the evolution of advancement and for provoking mankind. One such key inventions has been glowsticks, which emit lights without ejecting any external fuel or charge supply. Those were invented in around 1969 and supersede battery-based torches in multiple ways. For instance, cheap glow party supplies are inexpensive, waterproof, safer, and completely disposable. Glowsticks are mostly used by the military forces due to their optimal effectiveness. However, you could also use those for multiple other purposes, such as in camping, addressing audiences at parties, guiding vehicles in night at some parking area, and more.

In case you need to purchase those for any such or other purposes, it is essential to identify a good manufacturing brand to assure on the quality and genuineness part. One such good manufacturing firm is Sinoglow, where we manufacture glowsticks of the best quality. It is noteworthy that we are amongst the only few firms, which manufacture the glowsticks of both the ultra-bright glowsticks for the commercial purposes and the party premium glowsticks for personal uses. The ultra-bright glowsticks that we manufacture are of very good shelf-life. Once lighted, those will keep luminating for several hours. We develop very high-quality glowstick products for our clients. We have so far catered our products to the glow stick importers, suppliers, wholesalers, and local distributors.

We are the international distributors of our products and have our clients hailing from multiple nations of the world. All our clients so far have been completely satisfied with the performance of our products. We use the latest fluorescent technology for formulating our glowstick products for optimal performance and effectiveness. Our products provide a stable output light and are developed using the non-flammable and non-toxic ingredients to be safer on humans and even the pets in most normal circumstances. Our products are manufactured in compliance with the quality and safety standards such as EN71, CPSIA, ASTM F963-03, and AS/NZS ISO 8124. Our team of engineers keep working restlessly to innovate the most efficient and cheap glow bracelets and other products for our clients.

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#10, Wei Er Road, Tangshan Industrial Park, Nanjing 211132 China

Phone:+86-138 0158 4422, Fax:+86-25-8336 1800


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