If you do not have a navigation license or you prefer to spend a quieter vacation, it is possible to choose a skipper for your Sailboat rent Greece Always keep in mind that the employer counts as an extra cost that you must add to the total of your charter.

There are sailors who, even having experience, prefer to have a professional skipper on board when renting in navigation areas they do not know. The skipper is the person who takes full responsibility and having him on board allows you to enjoy a quieter vacation. In addition, it usually knows special routes to discover unknown corners of the destination where you sail.

If you have a license:

When you rent a Catamaran charter Greece, we recommend checking the licenses required to navigate in the country of destination, which will depend on the type and model of boat you want to rent.

Checking before the departure:

If we rent the boat without skipper, we will have to carry out a detailed review of the boat before departure and check that everything is correct. Electronic equipment, batteries, check that the bilge is dry and that there is no water, that the anchor works (fundamental for anchoring), that there is safety equipment (vests, some harness, flares, radar, and many other things) and check that the documentation of the boat is up to date.

If there is something wrong, it is important to notify before the exit so that it is reflected. This way we will avoid possible contingencies in our vacations.

What luggage to carry on board?

When deciding to rent Yachting Greece to spend our vacations, we must keep in mind that space on board is reduced, as is privacy.

It is advisable to take the least possible luggage: lightweight sleeping bags, nautical shoes and, if possible, a comfortable shoe with a white sole (so as not to scratch the cover). Comfortable and breathable clothes, several towels, bath linen, sunscreen, sunglasses and medicines for seasickness.

Extra payments:

When you take Daily cruises Greece on rent for your vacation, and before the signing of the contract, we must be clear if the tariffs of the ports are included. Normally, the only ones included are moorings at the base port during the first and last day of the charter. Moorings in other ports will be paid for the days that are spent in port. Many of the rental companies give the option of anchoring in sheltered coves to save this expense.