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San Rafael, CA – Timothy (Tim) Bosque has recently retired from a long and rewarding career as a math teacher and tutor. He spent 31 years teaching in Marin County, California. He also did a six-year stint in New York, teaching at New Heights Academy in New York City toward the end of his career. Tim Bosque retired in 2018, after completing the year at New Heights Academy.

Where Did Tim Bosque Teach?

During his career as a math teacher, Tim Bosque worked at Tamalpais High School from 1986 to 1988, directly after graduating from the University of California, San Diego, with his bachelor’s in mechanical engineering. After graduating, he went on to teach and at San Rafael High School and Point Loma, before spending 14 years teaching math at Terra Linda High School.

Tim Bosque doubled as a football coach at Tamalpais, San Rafael, and Terra Linda, where his players looked up to him for guidance. Tim took the Terra Linda team to a championship in 2004. Tim’s students praised him for his mathematical knowledge, ability to communicate complex math concepts, and approachability as one of the friendliest teachers on campus.

What Are Tim Bosque’s Plans for Retirement?

Tim Bosque is happy to enter into a well-deserved retirement. He moved back to San Rafael from New York and has big plans for what to do with all his free time. True to his character, Tim’s main priority is helping others. Tim doesn’t have selfish plans for retirement; quite the opposite. He plans on volunteering more often, or perhaps taking a part-time job where he can serve others.

In the past, Tim Bosque has volunteered at homeless shelters and soup kitchens. He even acted as Head Chef at a soup kitchen in New York City. The kitchen served about 1,600 people in need every Sunday. Tim also served at St. Isabella Parish as the youth group leader from 1986 to 2008. To say Tim has dedicated his life to serving others is an understatement.