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A year ago, I was nearly murdered in my own living room in San Diego during a violent home invasion. The SWAT team had to break down my door to rescue me. After that, I always carried pepper spray with me for safety.

But when a trip to Belize was coming up with my sister, I panicked. I couldn’t carry my mace on the plane, and what if the airline lost my bag? I went to my kitchen and concocted my own mace recipe that is safe to bring on airplanes.

Now I am starting a company selling the mace and giving all profits to victims of domestic violence. This is a good way to spread awareness to the importance of women’s safety and defense. I have a passion for letting women know that they should always, ALWAYS carry mace with them. It could be the difference between life and death.

Here’s a short video with more info:

To purchase this product, visit here:

Mace For Women