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South End Scaffolding has always strived to provide products and accessories to their clients, lending a complete scaffolding solution. Operative in the Western Cape region, the company has recently started serving mining companies and offshore companies, exporting their goods to African and European countries.

The company has emerged as a reliable supplier of formwork and scaffolding not only in the Western Cape region but across South Africa. With the inclusion of a warehouse in their workshop, the company is able to ensure that products are always available for their customers. Having extensive knowledge of formwork and experience in the scaffolding industry, South End Scaffolding keeps innovating to offer excellent products to their clients at the best possible price.

Formwork and Scaffolding by South End Scaffolding

South End Scaffolding serves as a one-stop shop for all scaffolding needs. The company does not limit itself to basic formwork or scaffold systems.

  • Formwork – Formwork refers to the basic steel mould that is used to repair or construct buildings. Concrete is poured into the moulds to support construction. South End Scaffolding supplies steel formwork in different types. The formwork is so manufactured that it can be fixed and taken down easily. The steel formwork is manufactured using good steel grades and in accordance with the industry standards. The steel formwork does not absorb moisture, shrink or warp. The common types of formwork supplied by South End Scaffolding include:
    • Column Formwork
    • Wall Formwork
    • Climbing Systems
    • Special Formwork
    • Slab Formwork
    • Formwork Accessories
  • Kwikstage Scaffolding – This is the most commonly used type of scaffolding in the construction industry. It is also used in industrial applications that demand high strength. The modular design of the structure supported by easy hook and boards makes it suitable for any application. South End Scaffolding offers a versatile Kwkistage scaffold system that can be easily assembled and dismantled. This structure can be used on both even and uneven grounds and is very reliable.
  • Self-Lock Scaffolding – This kind of scaffold structure is highly popular among contractors due to its easy mobility and quick assembly. The frames of self-lock scaffolding are light in weight making them easily manageable. The structures form South End Scaffolding have found application in building maintenance functions, electrical work, décor applications etc. The company manufactures all its structures in accordance with the safety standards to ensure that the structures are safe and dependable.

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About the Company
South End Scaffolding was established in 2011 in the Western Cape region to satisfy the formwork and scaffolding needs of the people. The company conducts all its procedure in accordance with the SABS standards.

14 Moody Avenue, Cape Town, 7475
Western Cape, South Africa
Tel: 0218209944