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From many years people are installing and replacing kitchen cabinets to make their house look fresh and elegant, due to its massive size the cabinet have a massive impact on the look of the house. We at heartwood custom cabinetry is a cabinet maker in Colorado Springs providing custom made cabinets according to the taste and choice of the customer. From styling, shaping and materials selection everything is selected by the clients, we are experts in making cabinets from wood especially from maple and oak wood. From more than two decades we have maintained our quality level as our primary agenda is providing the best possible product to the customer so that they don’t get into any trouble.

Our services include making the product, installing them, refacing and repairing the cabinets as per the demand of the customer. It is guaranteed that over time things do get damaged if the damage is minor than people take our refacing service in which we make some changes like replacing the worn-out doorknobs to handlebars. There are advantages of doing this, first, the damaged part gets replaced and other the look gets a makeover. Without buying a one people can enjoy the fresh look of the cabinet just by replacing some of the parts. Most of the people like to reface their cabinets as this is a cheaper way than replacement.

Different homes have different sets of walls, so installing a stock cabinet is very tough due to odd angles of the walls. To overcome this issue we make custom cabinets, for this, a group of our expert team inspects the house thus measuring it, they will ask the shape and size which is wanted by the customers, and according to that, we make the exact cabinet. This will fit into the kitchen properly, and it will give customer peace of mind as the materials and styling are according to him.

There are many cabinet makers in Colorado Springs who provides cabinets at cheaper rates, but they cannot match the quality and after-sale service of our company. If the customer faces any issues regarding the cabinet, we provide them free of cost service so that they a strong rapport can be built between us. Our products are shipped in many parts of the country, and one can email us if they want to install cabinets in their house. Our team will ship the product to their house and will fit it without any problem.