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The baby genius program initiated by the Best Brain- Learning Centers aim at strengthening the mathematical and language foundation in children between 3-5 years of age. The program is initiated with a thought that students of this age are quick learners and can grasp the fundamentals of these two subjects very easily. This will ultimately help them in their future studies.

The Baby Genius Plan as devised by the trainers of Best Brain to inculcate a strong understanding of Mathematics and English Language among students from an early stage. The program involves interactive session with the students along with the use of colorful worksheets which attracts the attention of the child. Another noteworthy feature is that children are encouraged to enter group discussions which form the basis of assessment in many higher exams in the future. Therefore, the child is exposed to such activities in his formative years which help him retain his learning for the long run. Some of the advantages of the baby genius plan are mentioned below:

Increases cognitive power of the child

Development of letter and number fluency

Effective development of communicative and classroom skills

Enhancement of fine motor skills

According to the trainer at Best Brain, We provide personal coaching to the child so that one-to-one attention is provided. Also, our program focuses on the base development of the child in English and Math which will definitely eradicate the phobia that a child develops later in the bigger classes for these subjects. It is more of fun learning class.

Best Brain is a training program that works on the growth of a child from his formative years. They focus on the overall academic growth of the child. They are equipped with latest technology and the material provided is up to the industry standard. With a group of board-certified teachers, they work on the child through weekly training programs along with evaluation session after each week.

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