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New Orleans, Louisiana (April 01, 2019) – Namese, a Vietnamese Restaurant New Orleans, invites all the foodies out there in town to explore some unique and scrumptious fusions of popular Vietnamese dishes and Luxury New Orleans culinary style.The Restaurant fuses the traditional Vietnamese foods with a new style for the foodies in New Orleans who want to explore exotic foods in the town. According to the restaurant, they use the freshest and highest quality ingredients handpicked from the markets of New Orleans for the delicious foods. The Restaurant offers a grand Vietnamese culinary experience to the people in New Orleans along with comfort.

In line with the statements shared by the Vietnamese Restaurant New Orleansin a recent press meet, they tend to provide a blend of multicultural cuisines by collecting a variety of ingredients from the local market. The food lovers can relish different tastes from different corners of the Vietnam city by visiting the restaurant and availing its grand experience. The restaurant claims to act as a bridge between the New Orleans market and local streets. Along with the non-compromised authenticity, one can enjoy unique flavors and great styles for the local foods like Pho, Bun, Com etc. A range of appetizers including dumplings, Sauteed Calamari, Spring Rolls, Lettuce Wraps, Pork dishes, exotic sea foods and more.

About Namese Restaurant
Namese is a Vietnamese Restaurant New Orleansthat specializes in offering local Vietnamese foods and flavours from different corners in a new and exotic style. The Restaurant offers a range of scrumptious traditional foods fused with luxury style for the food lovers in New Orleans.

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