Transactional SMS is more focused on sending out important updates and alerts to prospective customers in the form of bulk SMS.

As per the latest TRAI guidelines, now it is possible to send messages via transactional messages to DND numbers. Although these numbers are not of any promotional nature but sometimes it becomes necessary to transfer alerts and or service messages to clients on a large scale basis and sometimes it becomes important to send out a message of emergency nature and this is the reason that why transactional messages are so handy for sending to large scale messages to every mobile user and thus several promotional offers can also ring some bells in the form of framed emergency alerts and so with the help of transactional SMS anyone can send informative, generic, critical data and information.

All SMS content needs to be transactional and not promotional and any immediate alert of any promotional SMS should comply with the pre-set variables, which are designed for transactional purposes.

Here we at BULKSMSPLANS.COM offer transactional SMS service to send out service messages to both the DND users and the NON-DND users.

We also provide transactional SMS gateways for instant delivery. Our cost-effective and reliable transactional SMS gateways serve our customers 24*7 across India and several countries across the globe.

Some of the features of the transactional SMS in our BULK SMS PLANS are given below:

BULKSMSPLANS.COM offers transactional bulk SMS services that can be used by any selected group of companies which are approved by TRAI

· Delivery time – 24*7 deliveries

· DND numbers – all numbers delivered

· Sender id – static 6 alphanumeric sender ID

· Gateway options – high priority SMS gateway ad normal SMS gateway
API Available: – HTTP, XML , SMPP

· Multiple SMS gateway – automatically assigned to all clients

· Set up cost – zero charges

· SMS Character:- 160 Characters for English message, 67 for Unicode

· Delivery Time: within 10 second

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