Gaithersburg, Maryland (webnewswire) March 25, 2019 – The Maryland HVAC contractors at Presidential Heating and Air released a blog educating readers on the ideal winter indoor humidity this season. Maintaining proper humidity in your home can protect not only the building itself, but your health as well.

Failing to regulate the humidity in your home properly brings several consequences. Over humidifying your home could cause mold as moisture builds, particularly during the winter when people are less likely to open windows and let the moisture out. It can also cause harmful bacteria to grow and lead to peeling paint or buckled floors. Not enough humidity could cause allergic reactions to dust building up in your home. It may also be the source of drier skin, which, while not a major health concern, can be unpleasant. Monitoring and adjusting the level of humidity in your home can save you money on medical and home improvement expenses, making it an important part of your regular home maintenance routine.

The ideal level of humidity in your home varies from year to year. During the winter, your humidity level should range between 30 percent and 40 percent. To properly regulate the humidity level in your home, it is important to install a dehumidifier that can work to desaturate the air in your home when necessary. Homeowners should also purchase a hygrometer, which measures both temperature and relative humidity. These simple devices can help you make adjustments to your dehumidifier to create the right amount of moisture in the air for your home and for each season.

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