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IBSS Consulting is an independent management consultancy dedicated to creating value for company and also for clients, through excellence, insight, collaboration and objectivity we enable our customers to solve any business challenge

Our dedicated team is always ready to help our clients to solve any business challenge they face. We strive for excellence in all we do and endeavour to be insightful experts that collaborate as equals. We value cooperation both within our teams as well as with our customers’ experts & experience.

We believe that our approach to teamwork stands out in the consulting industry. Our teamwork is rooted in mutual respect and collaborative support. This open-minded approach ensures the efficient transfer of knowledge, close collaboration, excellent results and above all a work environment where our people not only grow professionally but become more than just colleagues.

The people we recruit not only boast academic excellence; they have a rich character full of talents, passions, opinions and personality. We look at each individual as a whole person, and a future collaborator in our mutual success.