Compared with other instant communication apps (Telegram, WhatsApp, Signal), BAT has a more clear, intuitive interface without pop-up ads. Apart from the basic messaging tools you’re going to need, BAT provides some advanced features like anonymous group chats, temporary group chats, confidential code which have been appreciated by a million users so far.
Four reasons why Bat Messenger is more private and secure.
High anonymity
BAT concentrates on the risk of personal information leakage. When you register for BAT, you don’t need to link your Bat account with any personal information like your phone number and emails. And you are not required to share your phone contact list with BAT. BAT doesn’t store any user data.
Telegram doesn’t encrypt end-to-end communications by default. If you don’t manually turn on this feature, called Secret Chat. Otherwise, your chats will be saved on Telegram’s servers. But all messages sent with BAT employ end-to-end encryption by default which ensures that your conversations remain private.
Retract messages without a time limit
Users can retract messages without a time limit. If you want to retract a single message, just tap it and choose “retract”. Normally, users can delete their messages — but that only appears on one’s own side of the chat. But BAT enables users to retract sent messages from the opponent users’ inbox. Once you choose “retract all”, Bat Messenger will retract the chat history between you and the opponent user from both sides.
Destroy account in case of emergency
It is one of the most advanced features of BAT that you can enter your destroy password on the lock screen to destroy your account. Your Bat account will be deleted instantly in case of emergency.
Multiple chat options
There are multiple chat options are available for users’ different needs.
In an anonymous group chat, BAT will distribute each member a random new user name and personal information is not viewable by others which enables you to talk freely without revealing your identity. Temporary group chats can let you chat with strangers without being friends. Confidential Code will save you from the embarrassing situation when someone trying to get a sneak peek of your messages. If you enable Confidential Code, you have to enter the right code in the chat window to view messages.
At present, the main users of BAT are individual users who care about personal privacy. If you like stickers or Animoji, Bat Messenger maybe not a good choice for you. But it really helps to guard your privacy. In the future, the demand for secure messaging apps like Bat Messenger will get bigger and bigger.
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