Round Table is a pizza shop franchise focused on providing high-quality food and service to customers. The restaurant’s family-centric mission encourages families to stop by for every occasion. Their franchise opportunities come with extensive training programs and ongoing support.

[United States, 3/29/2019] — Round Table Pizza, a pizza shop franchise, is a company that dedicates itself to providing authentic food with high-quality ingredients and excellent customer service. The family-friendly atmosphere of the restaurant is a go-to place for families to celebrate special occasions. Their franchise opportunities are complete with training and support.

Round Table Pizza’s training and support modules are integral to the success of a franchise opportunity. The company takes new franchisees through each step of the process to ensure they are prepared on the day of their grand opening. They recognize the importance of accessibility, business coaching, and marketing support.

Extensive Training Programs

The company takes the franchisee through several comprehensive training courses provided both in-person and online. These courses support the franchisee through all aspects of managing and operating a Round Table Pizza franchise. Employees are given checklists and video training modules, so they learn to craft food, handle customer service concerns, clean the kitchen, and conduct daily operations. Afterward, they are given the opportunity to practice their new skills in one of the company’s fully-operational restaurants.

Additional courses are offered for multi-unit franchise operators. They guide franchise owners on task delegation, supervision, and talent development across all the franchises they handle.

Ongoing Support

Round Table Pizza conducts an annual 200-point audit. This is a comprehensive study that looks into every aspect of a franchise’s operation. This includes food safety management and customer service. The audit serves as a diagnostic tool and point of discussion for the managers of the company and the franchisee. The audit encourages them to work together to maximize and drive further success for the company.

About Round Table Pizza

The first Round Table Pizza was built in California in 1959. The pizza franchise has grown to over 450 restaurants across seven states in the Western U.S. In addition, they have 10 franchises operating out of the country. The company continues to promote their brand mission as a family-friendly restaurant.

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