29 March 2019 – Hearing Aid Reviews proposes nice details about how to choose a nano hearing aid and reviews of some models. If you are seeking for a hearing aid apparat, then you can rely on the Hearing Aid Reviews platform, where you can find thorough information and trustworthy details. Do not miss the chance to inform yourself in the subject.


Any person who is faced with the question of choosing a hearing aid quickly understands how difficult it is to sort out a huge amount of information. It is necessary to determine the manufacturer, model, technical parameters of the device, its cost. The final decision will most likely have to be made on the basis of a meeting with an audiologist, however, some details should be clarified now.


Hearing aids can be divided into different categories. Depending on their technical capabilities and prices, there are five levels – basic, economy, standard, business and premium. There is a division of hearing aids for power: for example, there are models designed to compensate for mild, moderate, severe, deep hearing loss and deafness. By type, there are zaushnye (including receiver in the ear), intra-ear and pocket models. According to the method of sound processing, all hearing aids are divided into analog and digital, and according to the method of adjustment – into programmable and trimmers. The main characteristic of the device, which you need to pay attention to in the selection process, is its level (class, price category). With the increase in the level of the apparatus, new technological possibilities appear, contributing to the improvement of speech intelligibility, especially in the so-called “difficult acoustic situations”. The comfort when using and naturalness of sound increases. There is a possibility of wireless connection to various external sources of sound – television, telephone, audio system, etc. You can find other types of classifications of hearing aids online.


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