iNextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is one of the top IT companies in India. The company has been catering its customers with custom development services and innovative solutions in VoIP, web and mobile application industries. The company has developed some really innovative solutions and one of as such solution is the Live Call Monitoring Solution. This solution can be used by any company. However, in a recent event, one of the spokesperson of the company has made an announcement to offer a customized live call monitoring solution for the VoIP service providers.

“Our live call monitoring solution can be used by any business, regardless of their industry vertical. However, we have added some really interesting features in our live call monitoring solution which are customized to meet the need of the VoIP service providers”, shared spokesperson of the company.

As per the shared details, any VoIP service provider can use this live call monitoring solution. It means all different types of service providers can use this system to monitor ongoing calls. Some of the types of VoIP service providers are listed below:

• Business phone service provider
• Unified communication service provider
• Wholesale VoIP service provider
• Retail VoIP service provider
• Call center service provider
• And more

The offered live call monitoring solution can be integrated within the existing VoIP solution of the service provider so it can be used as one of the inbuilt functionalities of the existing VoIP software. iNextrix has a ready to use Asterisk Live Call Monitoring Solution, which can be used with any existing Live Call Monitoring Solution. At the same time, the company offers custom FreeSWITCH live call monitoring software for the FreeSWITCH based VoIP solutions.

The company has also announced to offer white label live call monitoring system, if required by their customers. The white label solution will have the logo, color scheme and other elements matching to the business going to use this system. This live call monitoring system lets the VoIP service provider to monitor all ongoing calls which can be

• Ongoing inbound calls
• Ongoing outbound calls
• Ringing calls

The live call monitoring solution can be used to perform any of the following actions:

• Monitoring call quality
• Assuring the best usage of the calling solution
• Identifying suspicious calls to take appropriate action
• And more

The announced live call monitoring solution for VoIP service providers is available in 12 different languages, so the VoIP service providers can use it in their regional language. Also, they can provide this solution as an additional add-on or value added service to their own customers in their offered VoIP solution as part of their service.

About iNextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd

It is one of the renowned IT companies in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. The company offers services in web, mobile app and VoIP industries. The live call monitoring solution is one of the products offered by the company. To know more details about it, please visit