You cannot compromise on the protection to your expensive mobile as it is inevitable at one time or the other that you might drop it accidentally or the chances of the mobile screen getting scratches due to the coins or keys in your pocket. So, to avoid such damages you can now lookout for the best screen protectors being offered by Mobile Phone Guard company that brings you the best tempered glass screen protects that can prevent any damages or scratches to the mobile display screen. With this screen protector on your mobile you need not worry about damage to the mobile screen display as the screen protector comes with 9 H hardness being toughened for more than 4 hours at high temperature and cooled immediately. You can find the company offering you these screen guards in a range of collection whether you would like to have tempered screen glass in ultra-clear, anti-blue ray, anti-glare, anti-shock, anti-fingerprint, mirror and privacy tempered glass screen protector. Whatever might be your choice you can find the company offering you the screen guards in the best quality and price that you need not worry about how much is a glass screen protector to equip your mobile with more protection.

All the screen protectors from Mobile Phone Guard are manufactured with Japan quality glass raw material and Japan quality AB glue to avoid any bubbles or dirt while applying it on the mobile screen display. You can be assured about high transparency and bubble free using this screen protector so that your HD visual experience would be enhanced on your mobile. The screen protector can resist any scratches with keys, knife or other sharp objects providing best protection to the mobile screen. Moreover, the company regularly updates their R&D in line with the models being launched by various Mobile giant companies in the market. Though you may worry how much is a screen protector you can surely get the best deal from Mobile Phone Guard as they are wholesale sellers can offer the best price to the customers. The price should not be a deterrent to the protection that you can get for the expensive mobile using the mobile screen protector. The company offers quality assurance with 3 times inspection being done per order and shipment assurance to receive the goods within the stipulated time. You can also enjoy a price assurance and after sales assurance from Mobile Phone Guard that you cannot ask for more from the company.

Mobilephoneguard is the best screen protector manufacturer company in China, offering various types of glasses for all types of Mobile phones. We use high quality Finest- Asahi glass material, it will protect your phone from all the injuries safely and efficiently. Book our service now at

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