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A child’s oral health is integral to the rest of their health. How healthy they are orally will matter to how healthy they stay overall. American Dental Clinic has designed a child-oriented environment in their clinic for this very reason. Dental care must start in young children. If a child has not had proper dental care, it can lead to numerous dental flaws and problems later in their life.

The best dental clinic in Dubai is committed to providing premier dental care services to children and adolescents. Their primary goal is to ensure children are unafraid and visiting the dentist can be a fun experience, after all.

Dr. Chris Baker, the Pediatric Dentist at American Dental Clinic urges parents to start dental care during baby days. If this is made into a routine, it will help the child build good oral habits in their lifetime. Take a child to visit the dentist by the time they turn one year old. This is for preventive measures so that children don’t have to face dental problems as they get older.

The best clinic in Dubai provides infants and children the best quality dental care in the region. They have skilled dental staff and an experienced support team that creates a secure environment to ensure that the experience is comfortable and relaxing for the child.

About Us
American Dental Clinic in Dubai is made up of a team of highly competent and skilled dentists and orthodontists that use modern equipment and the newest technology to ensure that each patient receives personalized attention. Our goal is to achieve outstanding patient care and satisfaction and this is what sets us apart from the rest. Set up in 1985, our clinic has provides people in Dubai and Abu Dhabi the finest dental care treatment which include general dentistry, dental implants, children’s dentistry, prosthetic and orthodontics. For more information, visit our website on