Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (March 26, 2019) – Mr. Khaled believes that it is the private sector that forms the overall foundation of the growth and development of a nation. Hence, he aims at delivering excellent services through his companies that will not just bring profitability for his organization but also enrich the economy of the entire United Arab Emirates.

Khaled is popularly known for his excellent contributions for the development and expansion of the Al Badie group. Since he joined the organization, he has rendered consistent effort to take his multi-disciplinary chain of business to achieve the heights of success and gain appreciation among their clients.

About the company:
The Al Badie Group of Companies is a highly acclaimed and renowned business conglomeration of the Al Badie family that is now administered by Mr. Khaled Al Badie. The company works with the mission of delivering excellence in all the domains of business. It operates by abiding by the corporate ideology of transparency and teamwork.

For more information, please visit https://khaledalbadie.tumblr.com/

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