Abu Dhabi, UAE (25.03.2019) – Khaled Al Badie is the current CEO and Vice President of one of the leading corporate firms in UAE, the Al Badie Group. Al Badie Group of companies is owned by the respectable Al Badie family and was established in 1967 when the UAE was yet to be formed. ABG has over 1000 employees who are employed in diverse business activities controlled by the group, like, auto leasing and rental, defence projects, telecommunications, marine, real estate, healthcare, and others.

Besides being the CEO and Vice President of Al Badie Group, Khaled Al Badie also holds various important positions at the group, like, Managing Director of the North Trading Establishment-ABG, North Property Management Establishment-ABG, South Trading Establishment-ABG, and Al Badie Travel Agency-ABG. He is also the Chief Financial Officer, Chair of the Finance and Investment Committee, and Chair of the Projects Owners Committee of ABG as well as the Vice Chairman and Chair of the Investment Committee of Al Ain Ahlia Insurance Company. Khaled Al Badie joined ABG as an active member at the early stage of his career and since then he has achieved the highest managerial levels through his dedication, skills, knowledge, and experience.

Khaled Al Badie has even enjoyed vital positions in the banking sector and other financial investment sectors. He has been the Secretary of the Board of Directors, Deputy General Manager of the Investment Banking Division, and Head of Asset Management Group of the Abu Dhabi National Bank. Such major roles in various sectors has garnered him adequate amount of knowledge and experience and made him a name to reckon with.

About Khaled Al Badie
Khaled Al Badie is the current CEO and Vice President of the internationally renowned corporate firm, Al Badie Group and also holds various other key positions in the group. He also held various vital positions in the banking sector as well as other financial investment sectors.

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